Blade Non-Slip Dash Mat RalliArt

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Stay organized and clutter free with Blade Non-slip dash mat. You can put your keys, coins, sunglasses, mobile phones and other small items on it to prevent them from sliding while driving. No adhesive required. It naturally forms to your car or truck dashboard curves. Sloping dashboards can cause items to shift while traveling. Leaves no residue.

  • Holds several items without any special clamping tool or clip
  • Flexible gel-like texture silicone rubber provides safe stick on properties without scratching or chipping your phone or the car dashboard
  • Durable thickness ensures long term use and its stain and tear-resistant too

It is not just for cars but it is a basic and versatile home and office accessory

  • Keep away accidental beverage spills on desks and workstations by putting your office coffee mug and wine glasses on this non-slip cling mat
  • Fuss-free and cleans easily as it is washable and yet it retains its stick on properties for a long time. It stays in shape despite several washes.
  • Remove and reposition as many times as you want and it will just latch on plain smooth or rough surfaces instantly
  • Great for fishing and boating as it holds tiny hooks and faux insect baits in place while you're on a boat or simply by the fishing dock