ACDelco Dexos2 Advance Fully-Synthetic Engine Oil Diesel API SN/ACEA C2, A5, B5 SAE 5W-30 19347201 1Liter

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ACDelco is committed to quality. Great performance the way you want with ACDelco products, 100% synthetic engine oil ACDelco dexos2 is the oil used in General Motors automotive manufacturing processes and is the engine oil designated for maintenance of GM vehicles using diesel engines. Since the 2014 model year, this range of oils has also been a high-quality chemical product that is especially suitable for GM vehicles as well as non-GM vehicles. ACDelco products have been developed to exceed their performance expectations. Expectability and durability you want.

Features and benefits

Meets API SN and ACEA C2 / A5 / B5 Service Classification requirements. Suitable for use with modern engines.
• Excellent protection against high temperature deposits. Helps reduce engine wear.
• Properties to prevent loss of viscosity. Helps extend oil life and oil change intervals
• Prevents oil sludge build-up on engine components. Provides better engine protection even in frequent start and stop driving conditions
• Meets dexos2 requirements resulting in high oxidation resistance. It has excellent flow properties at low temperatures. It also has good pumping ability during cold start-ups. And provide protection against other sludge formation That is very harmful to the engine.


Proper maintenance

• Regular oil changes • Replacing dirty oil and oil filters will protect the internal parts of your engine from premature wear. • Choose the grades recommended for your vehicle as described in the manual. For car owners • Make an oil change as shown in the oil life monitoring system. Or the oil change intervals recommended in the owner's manual. • Check the dipstick every time you add fuel. To see the level and color of engine oil In order to accurately check Check it after turning off the engine for a few minutes. To allow oil to flow from the crankshaft back into the oil bath.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it necessary to drain all engine oil? Before changing from conventional engine oil to synthetic or vice versa.



A: It is not necessary to drain all engine oil from the engine. When changing the type of oil between conventional and synthetic oils.

Q: Is ittrue that the engine needs to be run again if using normal engine oil ? Answer: No, it is not necessary to run a new engine in case of using normal engine oil New engines can be used immediately with conventional or synthetic engine oils. Where various parts Of the engine still running properly

Q: Does synthetic motor oil need a special oil filter? A: No, a special filter is required for synthetic oils. The type of oil filter used does not depend on the type of oil. But it depends on the vehicle specifications, so it is best to use filters that meet the standards specified in the owner's manual.

Q: Does my vehicle need the required amount of engine oil? A: Yes, the owner's manual provides information on the properties of oil and the amount of oil required for your engine.

Q: Is there a way to tell whether or not need an oil change or oil content is low, then you have in the event that your vehicle is equipped with an oil life monitoring system. The system alerts you when the oil needs to be changed. Or at the very least The engine oil should be changed once a year. In the event that your car does not have a system to monitor the oil life. Change the oil according to the instructions in the owner's manual. Periodically check the oil level dipstick of the vehicle. To check the oil level For information about the service life of the engine oil and the appropriate oil level for that particular vehicle. Please refer to the owner's manual for information.

Q: Will using synthetic oils extend the oil change intervals shown in the Engine Oil Life Monitoring System? A: No, the Engine Oil Life Monitor will not be affected. From the type of oil used They work only depending on how much you ride and your driving style, however, synthetic engine oil improves the engine protection performance of the lubricant.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • Replacement of unit due to change of mind is not allowed. Only defective goods can be returned or exchanged.
  • If the item is defective, kindly send us an email at and a Customer Service Representative will get in touch with you to investigate and provide you with instructions on the matter.
  • Please note that the item must be in its original delivery condition and sent back to us with prepaid shipping charges and insured for the full purchase price, with original copy of Sales Invoice. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Blade may charge administrative and handling charges depending on the circumstances of the return.

Item Warranty

  • Guarantee is given to customer’s purchased unit by the manufacturer usually for any repair or replacement of parts for a stated time period and conditions.
  • Kindly ensure to keep the Official Sales Invoice for warranty purposes.
  • In case the item purchased online has a problem, customer may contact the Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 927-7777 or email us at for proper instruction.

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