Microtex Glaz Stain'z Out Glass Compound GZ-SO70 70ml

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It is a heavy duty stripper with fine scrubbers that strips out dirt, bugs, oil films, watermarks, and heavy residues for an ultimate streak-free and scratch-free clean. Use it to clean glass and windshields for perfect road visibility. It also enhances glass smoothness and prevents wiper skipping. GLÀZ® STAINZ’ OUT™ is ideal for surface preparation when using GLÀZ® STAIN GUARD™.

GLÀZ® STAINZ’ OUT™ is perfect for automotives, boats, homes, and buildings with glass surfaces such as mirrors, windows, shower doors, glass tops, and more. 
  • Easily removes stain and oil film.
  • Improves glass clarity.
  • Smoothens wiper performance.