Microtex Plush Buffing/Polishing MA-004C Cloth 'N Canister

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Known for its extraordinary softness. It is ideal for almost any situations from dusting, cleaning, washing and buffing. The towel structure allows the fibers to reach into crevices and crannies that normal flat towels can’t. Plush is ideal for automotive use such as removing polishes and waxes.

Microtex products are made from ultra fine threads called MICROFIBERS, a special blend of polyester and nylon that has unparalleled absorbing, cleaning, dusting, buffing, and polishing qualities. Microfibers are highly durable and absorbent ultra fine threads that are a result of interweaving 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon) and subject it to a special process where each strand is split into 16 sections with 16 interval spaces