ACDelco Professional AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Premium AGM Battery AGM80L4 19351059 / DIN80

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All ACDelco SMF Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (Lead Calcium Technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries. The range includes batteries to suit cranking / starting (traditional automotive), high cycle, dual purpose starting / deep cycle and deep cycle applications.


  • Built in hydrometer (most batteries) – Indicates state of charge.

  • Polypropylene case – Reinforced design is precisely tailored to support the battery elements to withstand road shock and vibration. This strong durable material combines light weight with high impact strength.

  • Integrated or rope handle – For ease of transport and installation.

  • Heat sealed covers – Helps prevent electrolyte contamination and increase case strength.

  • Low resistance envelope separators – Encapsulated negative plates help to prevent shorting / treeing between negative and positive plates as well as aid
    vibration durability.

  • Factory-sealed – Makes these batteries maintenance free.

  • Liquid-gas separator area – Returns liquid to reservoir for longer life.

  • Flame arrester – Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimises acid leakage, prevents inflow of dust.

  • Centered cast on plate strap – Stronger than thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.

  • Increased battery shelf life – Compared to conventional batteries, up to 12 months shelf life without charging due to the use of calcium / calcium grids.

AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat Designed specially to handle the high demands placed on starting batteries by advanced vehicle systems. • High compression fleece separator • Over double the cycle life compared with regular lead acid batteries • Maintenance free - completely leak and spill proof • Advanced construction - complex polypropylene case, high precision cold formed battery terminals, six safety valves • High depth of discharge lifecycle • Greater resistance to vibration

ACDelco automotive AGM batteries offer high cycle performance. Excellent charge And necessary for vehicles with 'Start / Stop' (Start / Stop) system, Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM will provide 100% leak protection because the electrolyte will be supported in the baffle. Instead of glass plates flowing inside each cell. The incorporation of oxygen reduces water loss and ensures maintenance-free performance.ACDelco automotive AGM batteries offer a longer life than traditional automotive batteries. This is because the pressure on the plates is kept constant, which significantly reduces the number of active masses lost from the plate frame.

L315mm x W175mm x H190mm x TH190mm
RC : 140 / CCA : 800 / AH : 80 / 12V



Proper maintenance methods

• Always charge the battery after use. • Use a mini charger set to 15.0 volts. The small charger will help prevent overcharging. By reducing the charging rate when the battery is almost fully charged. Follow the instructions provided with the charger. • Schedule the required charging times. Check the built-in indicator compartment and charge the battery for the minimum number of hours shown in the charging schedule. (It's in the title If the green photocell is not seen in the indicator after charging Tap the top lightly To expel air bubbles that might prevent the green cat's eyes from rising. For the most accurate results, allow the battery to rest for at least 12 hours before measuring the battery voltage. A fully charged battery should have a nominal voltage of 12.8 V. • Note: The charging time can be more exact. If there is an accurate voltmeter for reading open circuit voltage • Do not leave the battery charger plugged in after the battery is fully charged. Check the battery every 2 hours during charging. • If the battery must be stored for a long time The battery should be kept in a cool place. (Make sure the battery is fully charged. (The electrolyte of a non-lit battery may freeze.) • Keep the battery terminals clean and free of rust. Use a brush to remove rust from the electrodes. • We recommend that the starter battery and the working battery be separate. For a long service life of batteries with high electrical requirements.


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  • Please note that the item must be in its original delivery condition and sent back to us with prepaid shipping charges and insured for the full purchase price, with original copy of Sales Invoice. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Blade may charge administrative and handling charges depending on the circumstances of the return.

Item Warranty

  • Guarantee is given to customer’s purchased unit by the manufacturer usually for any repair or replacement of parts for a stated time period and conditions.
  • Kindly ensure to keep the Official Sales Invoice for warranty purposes.
  • In case the item purchased online has a problem, customer may contact the Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 927-7777 or email us at for proper instruction.

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