3 of the most peculiar built-in car accessories

Car accessories are there to make us entertained or to make our lives easier. Car manufacturers have continuously innovated and thought out-of-the-box to appeal to make the cars they make appeal to more people. However, not all accessories are important. There are some that we don’t really need. In fact, some of them are just too bizarre that we don’t even understand what they are for. Here we list down 3 of the craziest built-in car accessories.


Volkswagen Beetle Flower Vase
Photo from colonialvwparts.com

At first, you might think to yourself, “oh what a great way to add color to my car!” Then, the next question you’ll probably ask is, “why would I even want to put a flower in my car?” To be honest, we don’t know ourselves.


Opel Adam Starlight Roof
Photo from presseportal.de

Who doesn’t like stars? Yes, we’re sure that almost everyone loves stars. After all, they make for a great view and a great instagram picture. But we wouldn’t want to go to the extent of having a starlight filled roof in our car just for that.


Rolls-Royce Conway Stewart Pen Set
Photo from mvburke.com

Yes, there are times when you need a pen in the most unexpected circumstances. However, this doesn’t mean you need one to the point of having it take up a vast amount of space in your car compartment, right?


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