4 things to keep in mind when having your car serviced outside of the “Casa”

The biggest responsibility a car owner is to properly maintain his vehicle at all times, one of the most important being the engine oil change service. Brand new car owners are encouraged to continue having their vehicles serviced in the “” due to it being under warranty, but “” prices are notoriously high leading to most car owners to look outside for cheaper oil change servicing. The problem with going outside are the authenticity and quality of the parts and services.

Here are things to look out for when considering having your oil changed outside of the “”:

1. Read your vehicles manual

Just because you’ve been driving your vehicle for a few years does not mean you know enough about it. Sadly, the majority of the car owners nowadays don’t even touch the owner’s manual considering it contains all the essential information about your vehicle. Not only does it contain information, such as the proper tire inflation pressures, but more importantly the proper specification and viscosity of the engine oil your vehicle should be using.

2. Supervise the work being done on your vehicle

As much as a hassle it is to go out of your way to have your vehicle serviced is, a general practice should be to stay and wait for your vehicle to finish. Owners should inspect the parts being used and replaced by the mechanics (Filters, Lubricant) to ensure they are used quality parts that meet your vehicle's specifications.

3. Review the Job Order on your vehicle

When it comes to your vehicle, adapting the “Bahala na” attitude is not advised as you may be taken advantage of by mechanics who will include other services that you don’t need. Ask for the Job Order before the start to service your vehicle, inspect every line item, make sure that each service item is something you asked for specifically or relevant to your service.

4. Test your vehicle before leaving

Once everything has been completed on your vehicle, test it! Turn your engine on for a few minutes to make sure there aren’t any leaks and everything is running as it should be.

Going out of for your oil change service while cost effective could also be a bad experience. Your vehicle vehicle relies heavily on the lubricant systems on your engine to properly operate, thus, proper servicing for this is needed. Always remember these tips in order to give you the same peace of mind you get in the while also saving more money.


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