­There are a various types of car lovers, whether you are intro that sporty look, that 4 x 4 wheeled junkie or even that small but simple car, it all differs for each individual. Maybe you want a sports car, but you don't want it to be a Miata or you don't want to jump-in the bandwagon of the Miata crowd? Here are 6 alternatives you might want to consider.


  1. Honda Beat


Sporting a mid-engine layout with a convertible top may have sparked your interest. In fact, this model is already 25 years old! A tiny roadster that may captivate your road trip experience further!








  1. Mercedes-Benz SLK


The design of the SLK does not pose a very sporty feel as some of the other cars on this list but it makes up through it’s luxurious features that make it perfect as a comfy drop-top cruiser.


  1. Chevrolet Corvette



Looking for the same Miata feels but with a more powerful strike for the same price? Then the Chevrolet Corvette has you covered! It's practically hard to go wrong with the C5-generation Corvette. Prices for base cars hover in the $15,000-range, and for that you get an LS V8 and a wonderful chassis.




The MR2 is a pretty great purchase. It is a small mid-engined sports car which is powerful and light at the same time. The MR2 is lively and likes to oversteer at the best of days. Early first-generation automotive releases were especially known to be prone to snap oversteer.




A lot are actually put off knowing that this bad-ass is a front-wheel drive Fiat. But, as they all say. It’s all about the looks. The color of the car and a set of its original steel wheels is as cool as what a 1990s motoring is all about.




You gotta look twice. It’s not the ‘916’ series, GTV based-car. You’ll find one of the classic ones knocking out. Gearing up that classic vintage look with a swag is all it is for this hot ride. And Alfa will always be an Alfa.


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