Dash Cam Gift Guide

It's the season to give, to get, and please, so we spare you from the stress of choosing your dash cam.

Ohm your way out of traffic with some tunes or in-car entertainment, but it will take a certain amount of effort to wiggle your way out of a car mishap. These are the times you wish you own a dash cam.

You've heard it time and time again that a dash cam is now a must-have for drivers because of one reason: evidence. It has been proven helpful to put an end to all the "he said, she said" claims and saves you all the hassles and headaches of settling road disputes.

Sure, it is expensive, but what's the best gift to gift yourself or a loved one, but the best. A dash cam has the word sulit written all over it. It's a practical investment that will go a long way. So, say goodbye to your woes when driving, and embrace the tech that is the dash cam. That was 'zen,' this is 'tao.' Your path to peace of mind and on the road.

The favorite for all seasons:

 C200/C201- Php 5,499 – Php 5,999

Polaroid c200

"It comes with a USB cable which can be used for charging, and is long enough to allow the user to mount the dash camera somewhere else other than the front windshield. The mount feels very secure and the cradle has been designed for quick removal which makes it perfect if you wish to hide it from "basag kotse" elements when taking a break or parking the car overnight, said writer Dino Ray V. Directo III when reviewing the Polaroid C200 series.

 It can be discreetly hidden in the rear-view mirror area. Its features include full-HD 1,080p, 2.0-inch LCD screen, 130-degree recording, seamless looping recording, motion detection, built-in speaker and microphone, auto-protect file system during collision, and voltage protection.

C270 - Php6,499 

It records full-HD 1,080p resolution, 2.7-inch LCD screen, 130-degree recording, parking mode, auto-protect file system during collision, seamless looping recording, motion detection, auto start/stop, built-in speaker and microphone, and voltage protection.

B202 - Php 4,999

Polaroid b202

HD 720p resolution, 2.0-inch LCD screen, 90-degree recording, seamless looping recording, motion detection, auto-protect file system during collision, built-in speaker and microphone, and voltage protection.


A favorite for all seasons: E280GW - Php9,999

Polaroid E280GW

- It shoots your videos in full 1080p HD 
- It has a 140-degree super-wide F1.9 lens 
- It has a 2.7-inch capacitive-touch LCD screen
- Warns you if you're tired
- Warns you for any movement

- Alerts you if you're swerving 
- Alarms you if you're about to crash
gives you a heads-up if you're there's a speed cam ahead and if you're driving above the speed limit
- It takes quality images and footage

The perfect night prowler: N302- Php 7,499

Polaroid N302

 It features a 'night vision mode producing high-sensitivity performance in low-light conditions. It records with 160-degree wide angle with F1.8 lens. It also has driver fatigue and motion detection. 

A must-have for the adventurous hipster: S205W 4K, Php 14,999

Polaroid S250W 4K

This 4K car recorder comes with a 2-inch LCD display, 2 mega pixel COMS Sensor, motion detection system, auto protect file system during collision, seamless looping, and a built-in Wi-Fi so it's perfect for real time video sharing. With the sport kit, you can mount it on your bike, helmet, and bring it with you to your water adventures using the waterproof case.

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Happy Holidays!

Polaroid Dash Cams have one-year warranty and installation is FREE for every purchase at any Blade Auto Center branch.