Dos and donts for a first timer

We’ve all been there. First times are always nerve wrecking and you just got to keep your cool. If it’s your first time driving without your instructor or without your parents, here are some tips to keep your safe on the road!


  1. YOUR CAR IS YOUR NEW PARTNER – As we all embark on a new relationship, we need to first know a couple of things about our partner. Get to know your car, take time to learn how to use it. Learn what every button in your vehicle is used for like the headlights, signal lights radio or even the wiper.


  1. OUTSIDE YOUR CAR IS A WARZONE – Be attentive to all the surroundings. Properly observe traffic signs and keep on the lookout for other vehicles, motorists and pedestrians. We all know that there are a lot of unruly drivers out there.


  1. OBEY – Rules and regulations are there for a reason. It is made to keep everyone safe. Always obey traffic rules and respect the law. Always remember that you are not in a Fast and the Furious movie.


  1. KEEP CALM AND STAY COOL – Everyone at some point of their driving experience has made a mistake in the road, these is a test of your patience. We all know that it’s not easy to keep your feelings in check when faced with an inconvenient situation. Nothing will come good when you lash out your anger in the road.


  1. DON’T BE DISTRACTED – This is a common problem with the society right now. Stop using your gadgets when driving. You may have passed your driving exam and received your license, but you got to remember that you’re still new on the road.


  1. PRACTICE – From the word itself, always hone your skills by driving more often. Driving in rough conditions and having an experience of it will make you get used to the feeling. Practice makes perfect.


  1. IT’S NOT A SHAME TO HAVE SOMEONE BY YOUR SIDE – If you’re going to an unfamiliar place, proper planning is a big must! Take someone experienced to guide you through the road.


  1. SEATBELTS PLEASE – Always buckle up and make sure everyone inside your vehicle does! Seatbelt's aren’t made for nothing. It keeps you safe and minimizes injuries in case of an accident.


Remember that you will eventually make mistakes, it happens to all of us and don’t be discouraged from driving. Experience is still the best teacher. Even those who have been driving all their life makes mistakes. Simply enjoy the experience and you will surely get the hang of it. Remember, safety first and for your car care and accessories you have only one-stop-shop in mind Blade Auto Center