Fully Amped: Things to consider when buying a USB car charger

THESE days no one would be caught dead without their gadgets.  Electronic gadgets especially mobile phones and tablets provide practical assistance in our daily lives. Where you have batteries, you also need chargers. Anyone relying on gadgets can benefit with having a charging device. If you’re traveling on a road trip or driving, you could definitely use a reliable USB car charger for your power needs.

 A USB car charger is a simple gadget that has one or more USB sockets which plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter port to charge USB-powered devices. If you are looking into buying a USB car charger, here are a few things to consider.

Single vs Multiple Sockets

For most people a one-slot charger is good enough, but if you’re traveling with family in tow, it’s best to look for multiple charging sockets which allows you and other charging devices connected.

Amp Output

Now, this is important. As you may have already discovered, various devices have specific chargers with specific volts to power them up. That’s why if you’ve experienced charging you smartphone with chargers with lower volt output, it doesn’t charge quickly. The same goes for USB car chargers. Look for at least 2.1 amp per USB port to charge a simple smartphone or your Android tablet or iPads.

If you want a high performing charger for that needed juice, look for a 4.8 Amp car charger. It provides 2.4 Amps output per slot to sufficiently charge multiple devices simultaneously and best used to top off devices with power-draining apps such as GPS or navigation systems.

To get more bang for your peso, you may opt for models with built-in overcharge, short circuit, and overheating protection. Latest models also now come with 3.0 quick charge port which offers a maximum 3 Amp per port output and high-speed charging which is perfect for keeping your devices fully charged during long drives.


These are additional quirks if you’re looking for something extra and efficiency in a charger.

Glowing ports -  Sometimes it’s a good indicator of a good design and easily lets you know if it’s working or not.

Size - If you aren’t crazy about plug-in accessories, then consider USB car chargers that are well-designed and not too bulky that it protrudes more than an inch from the accessory port and you can accidentally bump into while driving.

Cables -  No cable, no charge. But sometimes integrated cables may limit the devices you can charge, so check first when buying ones or else it’s useless.

When the day comes you forgot to charge or your power bank when you leave home, then you can thank your lucky stars that you were smart enough to plan ahead and buy a USB car charger.


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