How to safely transport your dog in a vehicle

Have you ever experienced seeing a stranger walking their dog at the mall? Then, you realize that the mall is pet friendly and you should have brought your own fur baby too? Well, don’t worry, there’s always a next time. You could bring your own pooch to the mall for your next errand or whatnot. However, do keep in mind that bringing your pet would require him or her to sit inside your car for a few minutes (or even hours). As such, it is better to be prepared with a few things to keep you and your furry friend safe while on the road.


Keep them in a harness

We’ve all seen the movie with a pooch in the front seat with his or her head sticking out the window. But did you also notice that not all of them have dog harness? We recommend strapping your dog with a harness to avoid accidents!


Avoid feeding them a few hours before

You wouldn’t want to face the problem of having to clean up your dog’s business in your car, right? As such, limit food consumption at least 2 hours before the trip. Also, let your pooch relieve him or herself before going in the car.


Train them

Try to drive your dog on small distances first. How about bringing them with you when you go around your village? This will help them get used to the idea of being in a car


Don’t leave your pet alone

Never leave your pet alone in a car even if the aircon is turned on. If your pooch is a curious one, he or she might push switches or whatnots that might lead to big trouble!


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