Lessons in a relationship as shown in the film “THE NEXT 12 DAYS”

Do not take things for granted. Just because of your busy schedule, still make the extra effort in your relationship because it goes a long way. Don’t leave your partner hurting. #TimeManagement


Everyone dreams of having a simple and stress-free relationship just like Camille, but is this still what she is actually feeling right now?


Not all Long-Distance Relationships are bound to fail. Some make it, it just takes the effort of both people in the relationship to make sure things work out.


Always keep your heat guarded, never let anyone take your kindness for granted. It’s good to care for others, but still leave some for yourself.


Think of your partner whenever you make choices in life, because you never know the chances your partner has wasted just to be with you and just to support your dream. Stop being selfish.


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