Philippine Rallycross strengthens local motorsports

For the past three years, the Philippine Rallycross Series (PRS) has been waging a campaign to expand and further uplift the spirit of Philippine motor sports. Starting with a field of just 10 participants, the Rallycross series staged at Pradera Verde every month has grown exponentially to 60 participants from the northern down to the southern tips of the country.

“I have seen this motor sports discipline grow because my team was part of the first batch of competitors,” said Mon Dimapilis, a veteran racer who hails from the east side of Metro Manila. The rallycross series is held at the sprawling Pradera Verde, a luxury golf and country club with amenities for aqua sports and motor sports. Olson Camacho, president of PRS, revealed that Pradera Verde has allocated a 24-hectare portion of the sprawling estate for motor sports.

“The dirt track is 2.1 kilometers long with fast sweeping corners and a unique “over-under” route, which allows participants the thrill of European rally cross racing. The track and the series itself is officially sanctioned by the Automobile Association of the Philippines [AAP],” explained Camacho. “What these guys are doing is great for both the local government, the local motor sports community and the image of the country as a thriving venue for motor sports. The organizers of the PRS is on the right path,” added Jose Armando “Mandy” Eduque, chairman of the Motorsports Committee, AAP, Motorsports Hall of Famer and concurrently the president of All British Cars Corp.

Competitors running in the PRS are divided into categories: Groups 1 to 4, Open Class, UV Class and the AWD class. According the Eggay Quesada of PRS, anybody can join the series. “It is open to anybody as long as they have a car that is deemed safe by the AAP, and having a bit of racing experience is encouraged but not required. We have an amateur class for beginners. Categories are based on engine displacements, while Open Class competitors are for cars with two liter and above engine displacements and equipped rally tires. In the UV category, we have the SUVs, and drivers with high performance cars like the Mitsubishi Evolutions and Galants and Subaru Impreza WRX, STis compete in the AWD [class],” he said.
With the active support and vision of the local government of Pampanga, corporate sponsors, AAP and the local racing community, the rallycross series will continue its growth and will further develop budding racers.

Participating in PH Rallycross events does not require racing experience. “Rally racing is a good motorsport foundation. You’ll learn a lot by racing on lose traction. On the other hand, you’ll definitely enjoy this fun motor sports activity. Also, our track is suitable for rally racing newbie,” Camacho said.

Vehicles of various types and class are accepted to join the race. Organizing committee is only requiring safety equipment, helmet and seat belts. With just P1,500 entry fee per category, the Philippine Rallycross Series is regarded as one of the most affordable motor sports event in the country. Follow Philippine Rallycross Series’ Facebook page for more information and updates.

The last remaining legs of the PH Rallycross series will be held this month up to December.