I have been an avid fan of racing games whether it may be through console games or desktop. I remembered one of the first few racing game that I played during my yester- years which was Crash Team Racing released by Play Station on the year 1999.


With the fast emergence of technology, there have been several racing game applications released either in your Apple device or android phone. Most of these games are downloadable for free. Today, we will be looking at some of the best Android racing games of 2018. I have looked at all the genre of Android racing games. From simulation-style racing games to boosting vehicles in water, we have a treat for every racer out there.


  1. Asphalt 9: Legends


If hyper cars and octane boosters come to your mind when you think of Arcade-style racing, then Asphalt 9 Legend will literally spark your interest. The car racing game is gradually becoming the best Android racing game ever. All the stunning visuals, detail in every corner and the HDR effects, this Gameloft game is a legend among the gamers.


This racing game for Android has Touch-Drive as your default control options. You simply need to focus on grabbing nitro-boosters, drifting, and diving in the air. Everything else, the game will take care of itself. While touch-down would seem a formidable choice, I always go for the manual steering in control options, to get the real feel of the game.


  1. Real Racing 3



Real Racing 3 is the third installment in the Real Racing franchise by EA games. The game is one of the most realistic simulator game ever released. The stunning graphics along with realistic texture, and shadows detailing really bring out the “real” aspect of this Android racing game.


  1. Riptide GP: Renegade



The game has stunning futuristic arcade-style graphics that would sure blow you away. Any list of racing games never feels whole until the Boat racing fantasy hasn’t been addressed. Here we have Riptide GP Renegade as our main subject. The jet-ski Android racing game is part of Riptide GP franchise, developed by Vector Unit.


Similar to the previous Riptide GP versions, the race remains the same. You race in a hyper jet ski, perform tricks in mid-air and hit big waves or ramps. There are nitro-boosters but the difficulty level has been improved.


  1. Horizen Chase – World Tour


Horizen Chase World Tour will make you feel nostalgic and race you down into the memory lane. Inspired from the 80’s and 90’s games like Lotus Turbo Challenge and Top Gear (SNES); the game recreates the atmosphere you encountered as a child. The app developer really seemed to have pushed the boundary for bringing the perfect 2-D car racing game.


For the controls, you only have steering, brake, gas, nitro. You can collect tokens lying on the race track to produce more score. Winning races will help you unlock the 21 unlockable cars and the undiscovered 91 tracks. The best part about the game is the overall experience. Apart from the stunning 16-bit graphics, the Barry Leitch music really makes it feel like you are playing those old-school games.


  1. Need for Speed: No Limits

I believe it’s safe to say that the game has practically no limits. The popular racing game graphics will hold your jaw dropped for most of the time. All the race tracks are detailed to the extent that it will feel more like an Xbox game.


The only odd thing in this racing game I found was the short tracks. It only takes a max 40 seconds to complete races. But considering constant acceleration with control only on the steering wheel, it seems like a thought out decision. The game is straightforward: Climb up the race ladder by defeating over 100 stages. However, the fighting with cops, smashing through roadblocks and ridiculously realistic graphics is what sets it apart.


These were just a couple of racing games for Android which you can easily download from Google Play Store or you may try it out at the Apple Store. I would recommend you to sample out each game before coming to a decision whether to uninstall them or delete them. Even better, keep all the racing games installed on your device. I mean, variety is the spice of life, right!