The most peculiar car world records

Some of us can only dream of beating a world record. After all, being able to claim that you’ve beaten people around the world is no joke. That’s why people have been tickling their imaginations to come up with the weirdest things they can hold a record for just to get their names out there. And car owners are no exemption. Don’t believe us? Then scroll down to see some of the weirdest car related world records.


Most people inside an old Beetle

Having 6 people inside a car that’s meant for 5 people is kind of a hassle. We mean, it’s doable but it’s something you would refrain from doing, right? Well, imagine being able to fit 20 people in it! Did you know that back in 2010, 20 people crammed themselves inside an old Volkswagen Beetle just to beat a world record?


Most number of cars jumped on by a pogo stick

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Dalton Smith broke the world record when he consecutively jumped over three Nissan Jukes in 2017. He did this by only bouncing once between them. Crazy, right? We can’t even control jumping on a pogo stick!


Farthest distance an individual has covered by pushing a car

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Imagine walking for 106.938km while pushing a car. Well, if you can, then you’re just like Tomislav Lubenjak who just beat the world record by doing it within 24 hours!


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