The other ‘Bullitt’ Mustang

Two identical 1968 Mustang GT fastbacks were used in the filming of the classic Warner Bros. movie “Bullitt” that debuted in theaters on October 17, 1968. After filming, the cars went their separate ways: the hero vehicle driven by McQueen in the movie was sold by Warner Bros. to a private buyer, and the other – used in many of the jumps during the famous chase scene – was sent to a salvage yard.

That jumper vehicle resurfaced in Baja, California, in early 2017, but the other was lost to history. The years of hunting for the “other” Bulitt Mustang ended when the owner of the elusive car called up Ford for a meet and greet with the car at a private garage.

Sean Kiernan, owner of the hero vehicle, inherited the car in 2014 when his father Robert passed away, who had purchased the vehicle in 1974. As a fulfillment to his family’s lifelong dream, Sean contacted Ford Motor Company and the two parties worked together to reveal this movie star car alongside the all-new 2019 Mustang Bullitt at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.Ford officials were aghast upon seeing the car in person and how Sean was able to preserve it, as the car started up without any problems. The tires though had to be replaced for safety reasons. “Driving it felt like Steve McQueen was sitting beside you. This is an iconic piece of Americana,” said a Ford executive.

“You know, it was never our intention to keep this car a secret from everybody,” Sean said. “It just kind of happened with life. I’m just completely buzzing to join with Ford and the new Bullitt and show this car to the world on one of the biggest stages there is.”

The car was finally revealed once again to the outside world when owner Sean Kiernan drove it onto the stage for the debut of the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt.

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