About every house hold who owns a car may probably have a bottle of Armor All stored somewhere. It may be in your garage or at the trunk of your car. When was the last time you used it? Rather than letting it be forgotten, why not make good use of that small investment?


My father used to tell me to always apply this product in the interior of my car the time I just started maintaining one. Our vehicle is always exposed to dirt, grime and harmful elements like UV rays every day. With the help of this product, it keeps your vehicle looking as good as new with just a couple of application. It basically cleans out dirt, dust and debris. Applying this product also helps prevent cracking, discoloration and fading. It helps renew and revitalize plastic, rubber and vinyl.




Well, those are just some of the usual ways on how to use Armor All. To my surprise, this product has a lot more usage that would help in your day to day cleaning. Here are three ways on how to use Armor All which you may not have considered yet.


  1. Kitchen – you may easily clean your black composite kitchen sink or acrylic sink with Armor All. Stainless steel appliances can also be cleaned with a light application and wiping, removing all those unnecessary finger prints.


  1. In the Closet – Make those patent leather and synthetic purses, belts and shoes by using a small spray of Armor All on a soft cloth. Wipe and shine the surface of the accessories to remove minor dullness and scuffs. Spray lightly on the sides of rubber-soled shoes and give it a new cleaner look! (Do not use Armor All on the bottom of the shoes as it may make them too slick for walking).


  1. In the Living Room – Using Armor All as a glass cleaner a big aid to your daily chores. Easily remove bug splatter and heavy dust from all those windows and you’d be surprise to see that you instantly have a show room look.



These are just some ways on how to maximize that small investment of yours. Give your vehicle that car show ready look and your home a crisp and clean look that belongs in the pages of a home magazine!


Head out now to the nearest Blade Auto Center and buy your very own Armor All product or visit and shop online!