Tire Care Solution For All Types Of Tires
TIRECARE SEALANT is a PERMANENT tire sealant solution that is applicable for all types of tires. Built to last up to the lifespan of a tire, it is capable of sealing punctures of up to 16mm permanently without the need to vulcanize. Made with natural ingredients such as NATURAL RUBBER LATEX, PITAYA EXTRACT and NANOFIBRE, it does not pose negative effects on your rim as well as your vehicle’s balance and performance.
TIRECARE SEALANT is the only PERMANENT sealant solution available in the market that can prevent and repair tire punctures in an instant. Through research and development, the product is ergonomically made to be user-friendly as application only takes about 10 minutes or less.
This product is also certified by SGS (Global Leader in Inspection, verification, testing and certification of product) and has won multiple awards in Europe as the best invention exhibition.
TireCare Sealant is engineered to fit each type of tire for utmost puncture repair and protection. With the latest breakthrough in Nano Technology, it has formulated its sealant to perfection, providing users a guaranteed flat free ride. Coming from several generations of sealant, TireCare sealant is currently at it’s the third and latest generation of sealants – making it the first ever PERMANENT Sealant that is applicable for all types of tires.