Top 8 Driving Tips for the Holiday Rush

Beat the holiday rush and stay calm and collected while stuck in Manila's roads during the busiest time of the year.

If you're the designated driver to practically everywhere, you know 'tis the season you wish you are not behind that wheel. There is a glimmer of hope, however, heck it's the season of miracles and we have tips for you to say sane on the road. So be a blessing instead of a curse. These survival tips will help you handle the holiday rush.

1.Plan and schedule your trips. Strategy. Plan your shopping trips. If possible do not go out on weekends and after work hours to avoid crowds. Avoid the rush hour. Download navigation apps or use GPS to help you find alternative routes instead of your daily commuting route. Blade carries navigational systems such as Garmin and Carnavi

Take preventive measures. Remember BLOWBAGETS? Sure, it sounds nasty, but let's not go there, but it sure makes it easy to remember. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape for drives. This simple acronym will help you cover the essentials to keep your ride up and running while on the road or before heading out: Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gas, Engine, Tire, and Self.

Keep your breakdown supplies in check. Make sure your trunk has the essentials syou need for a roadside emergency. Blade Auto Center has an extensive line of accessories and essentials such as brake fluids; engine oils like Pertua, Liqui Moly; quality lights from Phillips, Sony, PIAA; batteries like Motolite, CTEK battery charger or battery jump-starter like the OMP Jump-starter; digital tire gauges, tire inflator and air compressors, floor jack from OMP and Goodyear; and accessories to make your ride comfortable like neck support pillows, seat covers, seatbelt pads, and comfy steering wheel covers. So check your list once, and then twice.

2.Pack food, water, and medicine. Never go to battle without any arsenal as they say. One essential element to check in BLOWBAGETS is Self. Your well-being is important. Who knows how long you would be stuck in traffic so it's important to pack food that is easy to eat and will go down. Mess-free, non-gooey, and crumb-free finger food are the best. Think: sandwiches, crackers, or sticks. Also, don't forget to bring bottled water to quench your thirst and prevent choking incidents. Plus packing your own baon will also limit your already escalating expenses and making unnecessary stops. To treat your driving aches and other emergencies, it's always a good idea to have a medicine kit with you. Pack it with pain relievers, motion sickness medicine, wet wipes, paper rolls, bandages, anti-bacterial cream, and other maintenance meds you may need. Be a boy/girl scout. Be ready.


3.Obey traffic rules and regulations. Always observe basic driving etiquette. The three-second rule is a great way to establish a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Follow road signs, traffic lights, or the MMDA traffic enforcer in front of you. No swerving. No cutting the line. Follow your lane. Simply put, don't be like 'Maria.'

If you get into a road rage or a dispute, it's best to have an eyewitness that can tell the story the way it happened. Blade has a line of dashboard cameras and driving recorders to record your driving activities and settle any driving incidents with just a replay button. You may choose from Polaroid, HP, Transcend, PapaGo, Shark, Fujitsu, Remax, GoPro, and more. Never drive out with an extra pair of eyes again. Polaroid dash cams are on sale now at the Manila Auto Salon. So, get yours now!


4.Be alert and keep your eyes and your mind on the road. Minimize distractions. Check if your dashboard camera and navigational systems adhere to the ADDA (Anti-Distracted Driving Act) Law. No texting and driving, folks. Keep your loose items in tact like sunglasses, mobile phones, keys, wallet so it won't obstruct your view. Better get that Non-Slip Dashboard Mat so you have them where you need them.

5.Keep your car clean. A clutter-free car will do wonders to your driving experience and mood. Other than the cleanliness, an organized and clean car prevents pest infestation which may bring viruses and keeps your allergy at bay. It also brings clarity to your mind so you stay focused and calm while driving. It also smells clean. Make it more refreshing with a car air freshener.

6.Keep your cool. The holiday rush is also the time that most accidents and wayward incidents happen. It's also the time when most drivers lose their cool. Don't honk your horn if not needed. Everyone is stuck in traffic, so you might as well stay in line without annoying those around you. If your horn is sounding a little off. Blade offers a variety of quality sounding horns like Hella, Bosch, Korsa, and PIAA.

Blade has various air freshener scents from wax cans to clip-ons. Choose from a variety of signature in-house brands like Blade Organic and Black Label Jelly Air Fresheners to Chupa Chups, Air Spencer, Little Trees, and more.

To clean up your cars, there are ways to achieve clean with Blade's line of car shampoos, wax, soap, detailing products from beloved brands like Mothers, Meguiars, 3M, Turtle  Wax, and more. You may also get one of those storage organizers so items and valuables are neatly placed in one side of your car.

It's always best to keep your composure. Pop in your favorite tunes, listen to your favorite radio station, or audio track. Pray. Meditate while in traffic? Why not? Just don't fall asleep.

If driving with family or the kids, keep them entertained with music or their favorite movies or T.V. program. You may choose from Blade's extensive line of multimedia and audio systems. Tune out the traffic noise with a pitch-perfect playlist. Play it out on the latest head units to update your sounds and driving experience that are all iPod/iPhone/Android MSC ready. Choose from Pioneer, Sony, AVT, Kenwood, and more.

7.Don't leave valuables in the car in plain sight because the bukas-kotse gang may be in full force this season. Just bring your essentials with you. If you need them, stow them inside the car where they're not noticeable. You may install tint film to your windows or install a car alarm if you're leaving your car somewhere. Better yet, bring valuables such as mobile phones, laptops, and your cash with you wherever you go.

Blade offers tint services and has an array of car alarms to prevent theft.

Be merry, but don't drink and drive. If you have to drink, have a friend drive you home or download those Grab and Uber apps and get a cab. Stay safe and drive safe this holiday season.