Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifting for Car Moms

MOM’S the word this weekend. Treat beloved moms and wives, who have driven the whole fam to and from school and work or have put up with your automotive expenses, with car updates or cool gadgets that will make her ride a sweet one this Mother’s Day weekend.


  1. Car Wash, Wax, and Detailing set. Mom loves when everything sparkles and shine like her jewels, so take up the car’s finish up a notch with a wash and detailing kit. Mix and match wash, wax, and microfiber towels from Blade Auto Center’s in-house brands like Blade, Meguiars. Microtex, and Mother’s.
  2. Console Organizer. Speaking of clean, there ain’t room for mess inside the car. Organized moms love organizers to put essentials from napkins, emergency kits, wipes, or what have you in her bag, so why not organize it neatly inside the car instead of getting a bag. A console organizer is the perfect organizing tool for moms who bring a whole lot when driving with kids and pets every day.
  3. Rubber Dash Mat. These dashboard mats keep mom’s essentials like phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, earphones, and more right in front of her and accessible. No more reaching at the passenger side and blindly looking for each item inside her bag.
  4. Dash cam with rear view camera. You know when mom says she has eyes at the back of her head, you better believe her. But you’d be more at peace if you give her a dash cam with a rear view cam. Blade Auto Center pro installers can mount this gadget for free and tuck in wires nicely and Mom gets an instant view of obstacles at sides and behind her bumper.
  5. Emergency safety kit. Keep mom safe while on the road with a handy emergency safety kit. Blade Auto Center has essentials for your kit like LED lamps, tire inflators, CTEK battery chargers and power bank, water bottles, whistles, and more. Now that’s peace of mind.
  6. Multimedia player units. Update Mom’s ride with the latest multimedia player units to keep the peace inside the car. Units which can play everyone’s favorite music or movie. Check out Blade’s new line of car in-dash video/audio systems.
  7. Floor Liners. Get full coverage liners with WeatherTech Floor Liners. Durable, all-weather mats that can be custom-fitted to every row. These mats extend all the way the corners of the floor to collect all kinds of dirt, liquid, mud, road salt to keep car factory carpeting in pristine condition.
  8. Sun Shades. Keep car interiors cool during sunny days. Sun shades keeps mom cool and also the whole brood cool when going for summertime drives during rush hour traffic.

No matter your budget, you’ll be sure you can find a gift for Mom or your wife this Mother’s Day. Make them loved and proud this weekend.