3 applications you need to get if you own a car
In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone. Not only have they saved us at work, they have also become a necessity for the time we live in. In fact, we can get regular news updates in a snap through different applications. In terms of cars, people who own a car usually download a few applications that could be useful to them. However, in case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a list of 3 applications you absolutely need if you own a car.



With the traffic in the Metro, having Waze is pretty important. Apart from giving you alternate directions, it can also give you estimated time of arrivals so you can play your day.


Android auto/ Apple carplay

Android auto and Apple carplay will let you mirror your phone in your car’s screen. This is super important for safety purposes because it won’t have you looking down on your phone anymore.



Photo from apkpure.com

Yes, it might sound silly but majority of people who aren’t good in remembering things will really benefit a lot from Parkify. It’ll help you remember where your parked so you won’t have to search forever for your car, especially when you are in an unknown place.


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