Google Maps is developed by Google that offers a web mapping service and GPS service for our designated drivers. It provides street maps, aerial photography, satellite imagery, real-time traffic conditions, 360 degrees panoramic views of streets, and route planning for traveling by bicycle, car, public transportation, air or even on foot. Which is pretty much convenient.


What Google Maps can do for you?

Google map can provide transportation directions in a particular place, including the details that come with the different methods.

  • Creates maps that the user can access if he/she feels like they cannot locate a certain area and that they seem lost.
  • Show distance and the estimated time of arrival. It will allow you to determine the distance of your current location to any particular point on the map. All you need to do is click the specific point, and then the app will tell you the distance from your location as well as the estimated traveling time to get there. This function enables users to plan their travels and organize their schedules.

  • Looking for your location especially if it is unknow to you. You can use Google Maps to determine your exact location. It is a great feature that can save you from getting lost.

You can use Google Maps to determine your exact location

  • Set routes the preferred way if you already have specific routes in mind. After setting the routes, all you need to do is to follow the directions. This feature enables users to customize their ways which will better provide convenience for them.
  • Traffic information is the kryptonite of every driver and they all know how frustrating it is to be stuck in traffic jams. Good thing Google Maps can help you search for better routes. The app will suggest the best path for you and will let you know if a specific place in your course is congested in that particular time of the day.
  • Verbal instructions which is more seamless since some drivers and users are unaware that they can simply instruct Google Maps about the place they want to go. No need to type it. It is a great feature, especially when driving. It will let drivers focus more on the road instead of using their hands to input their destination.
  • Share location enables users to share their place with their family or friends. Location sharing can either be for informing your colleagues, friends, and family of your location. It can also be used to tell your friends that you're in that particular area in case you need to hook up with them.  


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