4 tricks to make your car look brand new again


4 tricks to make your car look brand new again

A graduation gift from your parents, the first thing you bought after a year’s paycheck, or even a years worth of memories of night outs with your friends. Whatever it is, people are usually very attached to their first cars. And usually, we just can’t let it go even if it looks like it is aging. We’ll we’re here to tell you that it’s completely fine. There are a few tricks to make it look and feel like new again.

Car detailing or Polishing

Revamp the look and performance of your car with a visit to the car wash. Have them look at your car and work their magic. Or you if you have time and you are ready for a little DIY car wash, here are items you would need.

New Headlights

Your headlights can make or break your car. If they look a bit dull and foggy, it might indicate that it’s a bit old. So freshen up those headlights and install a new one. You’ll be surprised, it’s not as expensive as it seems. Shop for new headlights.

New Seat Covers

Know the feeling of newly changed bed sheets? Well it’s the same for seat covers. Believe us, having new ones will instantly make a difference. Try out this Gray and Black Sparco seat cover or any of our wide line of seat covers available in any Blade outlet.

Work on the Music System

Time to upgrade your car’s music system. Install sick stereos that are filled with new advancements. Try out this one from Pioneer available at Blade Auto Center outlets.

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