Spending hours here on the road is common here in the Philippines, from our day-to-day commuting to our out-of-town trips and vacations. Getting comfortable while we’re on the road is our priority when we’re preparing for the trip. After all, we don’t want to sit for hours on our cars. then feeling uncomfortable.

Here is the list of essentials things you need in your car during a long trip:

Phone Accessories

Did I charge my phone before leaving the house? Having phone accessories such as a car mount for our phones and USB cable is important. We usually use our phones during the ride to help us for directions or to just simply listen to music and lighten the mood of our trip. It’s important to have it always charged and in a position where we can easily see it.

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Dash Cam

Isn’t there any easier way in looking back to our trips than having it recorded and watch it whenever we feel like it? Keeping good memories are what we are after whenever we go on a trip. With the help of a dash cam, it can record the whole trip for us. Aside from that, some dash cams have a feature that will monitor your proper acceleration. While others also have GPS installed to help detect our locations.

Yi UIltra Dash Camera


Car Air Freshener

Ever been in a car and felt comfortable immediately because of the way it smells? It’s probably because of the air freshener the owner got. It is important to always have one inside your car specially during a long ride. It adds to the sense of comfort which makes the whole ride more fun.


Car Air Freshener

First Aid Kit

A lot of people suffer from nausea or car sickness whenever they are inside a car. It’s usually inevitable specially for kids, although there are still a lot of adults who suffer from it. As such, medicine on hand is necessary. After all, being ready for these situations is the only way we can do.

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