5 Road Rage Reasons

We’ve all been there – trying our best to keep calm even when we just really want to scream and shout when driving. After all, here in the Philippines, well more particularly Manila, the moment we step out of our houses, we’re already stressed. With the hundreds of other people at the road, it’s common to actually have road rage these days. Here we list down the top 5 reasons why we experience road rage!



As Snickers puts it, “You’re not you when you are hungry.” Yes, as people, when we’re hungry, we’re most likely easier to piss off. After all, we’re already battling the headache caused by not being able to eat anything in the morning, what could we expect?


Being Late

Aha. Yes, being late is our top 2 reasons for road rage. People who are already 5 minutes behind their scheduled meeting might have a lot of anger. After all, their boss will probably give them a note or even a side-glance, so it is understandable that they are experiencing road rage. Better try to let go of that anger before stepping into that meeting!


Other’s Driving

Sometimes, the way that others drive can really give us a headache. With some being too much of a prick to the point that they will really cut you off or even go before you in line in the U-turn slot, we can safely say that this really causes road rage. Imagine being late already and encountering someone who’s such a bad driver. Bummer!



Of course, traffic can give you road rage. Instead of being able to do a lot of things already, you’re stuck in EDSA having to deal with a carmageddon. What a horrible picture you don’t want to encounter, right? So, better leave a few minutes (or even hours) earlier than you normally would!


Road Structures

Lately, we’re not sure how the road is even designed anymore. Sometimes, it’s just one lane, the next it’s three lanes with one lane even being counterflow! It’s too confusing that it messes up with our routine, right? What a sight for sore eyes and road rage!


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