Why You Need to Get an ABS CBN TV Plus So You’re Ready for That Holiday Trip

Anyone will be thrilled and stirred for a planned holiday trip. People who are usually busy try to make the most out of that get-away in order to spend time with their love ones. In fact, they plan their trips so well that they’ll probably be exhausted at the end of the trip. However, it’s really a great time to take as much pictures as possible, try out different kinds of food, and shop ‘til they literally drop! But as it is fun and exciting from one moment, it loses its spark when they’re about to go home. This is especially true since you’ll have to drive super long hours in traffic. Given this, you need to bring the excitement to your car ride as well. And one option to do so is by getting an ABS CBN TV PLUS. Still not convinced? Well, here’s a list of reasons you can check out!


Keep the fun; kill the boredom

ABS CBN TV Plus offers a wide range of channels to choose from. It’s a practical way to keep your passengers from becoming tired from the long drive and traffic. They can watch and be entertained with popular shows like It’s Showtime, Jeepney TV, Asianovela Channel or Cinemo. Through this, they won’t even mind the traffic, right?


Never missing out

Since ABS CBN TV Plus offers a wide range of TV Channels in the Philippines, even when away you will never miss out on the recent news and updates. This is especially beneficial if you are with those people who literally need to be updated about the news every now and then. Moreover, if your mom is into telenovelas, at least she won’t bug you about missing out on the latest episode of her favorite show just because you’re stuck in traffic. LOL!


It’s a great way to rest

Watching your favorite shows and movies that are just simply too funny will make you forget about the long hours in traffic! With this option, you’ll turn the boring time to a fun and relaxing time.


Something to bond over

Yes, you can also bring the bonding experience to your car. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies together with your family and friends where you can just comment about anything and everything together! What a great way to kill the boredom, right?


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