Traveling is an exciting adventure for a new family. The promise of having to take family photos with your little one for the first time will really give you something to look forward to. But preparing for the trip doesn’t just end with fixing your luggage and fixing your itinerary. The drive going to the vacation place should also be planned, especially since it means having to endure hours of traffic with your little one for the first time.  Here we list down a few tips how to handle your baby’s first long drive.

Hit the road during naptime

It’s easier to go on a trip when your baby is sleeping. You’ll be able to put luggages and things in your car with a breeze. Not to mention you’ll be able to buckle yourself and your baby up easier if your baby isn’t moving that much.

Pack your baby’s toys

The long drive could get boring. Better pack a few of your baby’s favorite toys to amuse him/her and to distract them from making tantrums.

Buckle up

Remember to get a car seat for your child. Aside from the fact that it’s already a law, it’s tons safer if you and your child have separate seat belts 

Make pit stops

When you need to feed or change your baby, stop at a gas station. Though it’ll make the drive longer, it’s safer since it’ll help avoid unnecessary accidents.

Switch it up

If there's another adult on board, take turns at the wheel — one drives, one entertains the troops. These travel activities make great on-the-go games.

Take bathroom breaks

Take advantage of rest stop changing tables to get your baby out of her diaper before you get back on the road. And when you travel with a baby, you also want to travel with a changing pad. It’s a must-have for covering those questionably clean public changing tables.

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