8 Car Accessories for Wet Weather Driving
It’s officially the rainy season. Although some of today’s cars come with the best weather protection, some older models may not offer it. Protect your car on the inside and out from corrosive elements contained in rain water and mud with accessories actually worth your money.
Line your car floors. No more wet and muddy floor carpets. Floor liners protect your car from unwanted debris, moisture, sand, dirt, and grime.
WeatherTech Floorliners can be custom-fitted and molded to the sides to every car 
Rubber floor mats are also a great alternative to keep sand, water, and dust from getting onto your car’s interior. The best part it only takes five minutes to clean. 
Treat your windows. Get clear vision instantly during a downpour. Spray onto your car’s glass and repel rain and make your windshield wiper blades work efficiently.
Blade Rain Repellent Treatment Film and other products like RainX , Glass Science, Glaz Stain guard, etc.
Get a mudguard. Tires are constantly exposed to mud, dirt, rocks, salt, water, and other elements while you’re driving. Mudguards prevent these from entering the most sensitive areas of your vehicle especially the undercarriage which is prone to rust and corrosion.
Keep your car moisture-free. Rainy season can bring on moisture in your car and that musty smell. Humidity can also trigger allergies from mold and mildew. Prevent moisture build up and improve car cabin air quality with a dehumidifier.
Dehumidifiers can protect your family from allergens and your gadgets and equipment from rust and corrosion.
Brighten it up. headlights and taillights are important during rainy season especially when you have to drive through dark and stormy weather. It’s also important for your driving safety as it helps other road users know your exact location when on the road. Make sure to check your lights are working properly and you have a good lighting system.
Cover it up.  A car cover designed for outdoor use is the best rain protection. Outdoor types use materials which are made to stand up to rougher weather and give your car the highest degree of protection.
For your vehicle to withstand the harsh weather condition, make sure to wash        and coat it to protect your paint job from acid rain and contaminants contained in water. Use car wash, shampoos and waxes that can withstand the torrential rain. 
These accessories are practical and affordable to make your drive a breeze and efficient during the monsoon season. Don’t forget to check your tires, windshield wiper blades, your engine, and your brakes to ensure a safe ride. Shop practical, high-performance auto accessories for your wet weather drive at Blade Auto Center.

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