A Guide on How to Use Your Car’s Lights

If you have a car that you’ve bought in the last five years, chances are you see all these light modes that you aren’t familiar with. Though they are there to help you, they might seem overwhelming to take note of all. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list for you. Here, we breakdown the different types of lightning systems you car may or may not have. And we describe when you should be using each one of them.


Low-beam Lights

Low-beam lights are usually used during the night. This is to help people see more clearly if there isn’t enough natural light present. Moreover, they are typically used by people during sunrise or sunset since there aren’t any shadows present.


Park Lights

When you see a green symbol on the instrument panel, it usually indicates the park lights. As the name says, it is to be used when your car is parked. This is because they use low wattage so your car doesn’t use up that much energy.


Daytime Running Lights

The Daytime Running Lights were created to help other cars see you when it’s raining. It is usually turned on when your car is running. To help you distinguish which ones they are, they are located at the front of the vehicle and are either a standalone light or incorporated element of the headlight.


High-beam Lights

When you see a light that is seemingly brighter than your main headlight, chances are those are the High-beam headlights. Specifically though, if you see a headlight icon with seemingly horizontal beams and a blue symbol on the instrument panel, that’s when you’re really sure that it’s for the High-beam lights.


Fog Lights

As the name suggests, Fog lights are to be used during fog. In the front, these fog lights are positioned in bumper’s lower section, while at the rear, they are most commonly positioned in a separate light within the bumper.




From the word itself, indicators help others know which direction you are going. This is to really help other people figure out whether they will follow your car of not. Usually, they are often referred to as the switches for signals or blinkers.


Hazard Lights

The four-way flashers are commonly referred to as an extension of you car’s indicators. They can be activated through a switch with a triangular icon. When they are turned on, they will flash all of your car’s indicators.


Instrument Panel Lights

These are the tell-tale lights that help you see the various switches and functions in the dashboard. More often than not, they also illuminate the infotainment screen that most cars have today. This can be seen in a small dial on the dashboard or via a menu setting within the instrument panel itself.


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