7 Spookiest Places to visit this Halloween night

WHEN darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. Are you game to visit some of the spookiest haunts in the metro for Halloween night? Here’s a Halloween crawl for your fright night adventures.

1.Balete Drive, New Manila District, Quezon City. Sightings of a phantom hitchhiker getting into cars might make you steer clear of this balete tree-lined road, hence the name of the street, at ungodly hours of the night especially when you’re alone. It’s a known urban legend that a white lady, who’s the ghost of a young woman, haunts motorists by appearing on the road—or worse getting inside the motorist’s car. Now it may be just your eyes playing tricks on you. Better get clear vision while driving along this dark tree-lined road on a stormy night. Use Blade Rain Repellent Windshield Treatment and improve your driving visibility.

2.Ozone Disco  and Imperial Palace Suites, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The hotel along TImog Avenue was near the infamous Ozone Disco which was burned down in 1996. The fire claimed hundreds of lives who were partying that night at the disco. Residents and nearby establishments claimed that at night they would hear party music coming from the area and can see shadowy figures dancing in the night. Some even say that the ghosts haunt the halls of Imperial Suites hotel by knocking at the door of a lone occupant. If suddenly you spotted a phantom party goer waving at you while passing by the area, better have that non-slip grip Steering Wheel Cover on to have better grip for your sweaty palms.     

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3.University of Sto. Tomas, Espana, Manila. The oldest university in the Philippines has seen a bit of a history. So, it’s no surprise that the place would be the stuff of urban legends, however, students and employees attest to seeing specter beings of friars, headless nuns, or white ladies appearing around the campus. Whether it’s true, we leave it up to you. If you’re going ghost hunting to impress your date or trying  to score your first kiss, then a fresh-smelling car makes your car ready for that moment.  Blade has a selection of car air fresheners to set the right mood for your thrilling night.

4. Manila Film Center, Pasay City. The controversial structure envisioned by former First Lady Imelda Marcos to emulate the Parthenon is a grand vision turned nightmare. The theater was built on a rush order by the First Lady to host the first International Film Festival in the country in 1982. But two months before opening night, a scaffolding collapsed and along with it over a hundred workers trapped and some half-buried in quick drying cement. But because it was needed to be completed, the rubble had to be cemented including the bodies of workers some believed to be alive. Now, if suddenly your car breaks down in the middle of your ghost hunting, it’s good to have the OMP Power bank and Jump Starter. This power bank can provide an emergency jump start for weak batteries, so you won’t have to wait for a replacement for hours on the road very late at night because we all know quite well that urban legend about that time when a couple or a group of friends had to wait in the car while their friend gets gas. Plus, this device has a LED lamp for nighttime emergencies and can recharge your mobile phones. Now that’s a lifesaver!                               

5.Fort Santiago Intramuros, Manila.  This Spanish-built citadel is part of the defense fortress of the Walled City or Intramuros located in Manila. Built during the Spanish occupation and World War II, it was witness to many horrors brought about by battles and prisoners losing their lives in the cells and dungeons. Residents in the Walled City claim that they often see apparitions of civil guards (guardia civil) roaming around in the middle of the night. Better to have a handy dandy dashboard camera like Polaroid’s line of Dash Cams. The camera functions even in low light conditions so you can record your paranormal experiences and ghostly rider. Because in the end if there’s no proof, it didn’t happen. ‘nuf said.                                               

6.Manila City Hall, Manila. The government building is one of the oldest structures in the city. Employees have spooky tales to tell. It’s no surprise no one wants to stay past 6 p.m. in its halls because that the time spirits roam. Better to bring along a digital tire gauge – no it won’t work as a P.K.E. meter to catch a ghost’s presence, but it will serve as a good device to check on your tire pressure, so you won’t get a tire blowout in front of a creepy building just in case. Check out Blade’s range of digital tire gauges from brands like Goodyear to OMP

 7. Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor. Just a ferry ride away from Manila Bay is the historic Corregidor Island. The whole island is said to be haunted, but Malinta Tunnel is said to be the creepiest. Built in 1922, the 835-feet long tunnel was a bomb-proof shelter, storage, and headquarters of the American and Filipino soldiers during World War II. It was also turned into a 1000-bed hospital to treat injured soldiers. During the retaking of the island by the Americans, Japanese soldiers were said to have hidden in one of the lateral tunnels and committed suicide by detonating a bomb. Today the island offers day trips and overnight stay in the island’s hotel. It also conducts night tours for brave souls wanting to go exploring or experience the tunnel at night time. Visitors say they saw ghostly apparitions of headless soldiers inside the tunnel grounds sometimes even joining unsuspecting tourists for photo ops. The OMP Air Compressor is a compact and portable device that provides quick and effortless inflation of your tires and small inflatables. Easy to use and it has a LED lamp to light your way along the track and help you reach the end of the tunnel. Now that’s a good thing.


So, if you’re no mere mortal who can’t resist this, we dare you try it. Can you dig it?