Classic Cars made Spooky for Halloween

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It's officially that time of year again. The time to dress up in costumes, to eat too much candy and give your friends a good scare. That's right—it's time for Halloween! Just a few more sleeps before the spooky day arrives. It is also known as spooky season and All Hallows Eve, Halloween is a wonderful time for scares, screams, and costumes.

Most people just think to dress up themselves or their kids or even the family pet. Then, there are those that think a bit more outside-the-box and take Halloween costumes to another notch higher by dressing up their vehicles. We see this a lot for Christmas with people putting reindeer antlers or a lit-up nose on their cars, but rarely do we see people go out of their way for Halloween? In recent years, more and more people are getting into the spirit, and their cars are proof of that.

Here are some out-the-box themed Halloween cars:

Let’s get it started with an Ogre Patrol.


Aside from them ravaging ogres, why not explore the jungle book with this Tiger themed car.


Talking about tiger themed designs… We got the Flintstones on the road.


Let’s not forget a zombie road kill.


Anybody ordered some lobsters for Halloween’s eve?


How about a monster possessed truck?


And yeah. We gotta call the Ghost Busters.


Finally, but not the least. How about a baby from the future?


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