• Hazard lights provide a visual reminder to other road users that your vehicle has turned into a temporary obstacle on the road, including when you've pulled over to the side of the road to address a mechanical problem and when your car is in the process of being towed. 
  • Funeral processions involving a large convoy of vehicles are generally considered exempted i.e. they can technically use their hazard lights even when they're in motion.
  • As a general rule however, only use hazard lights when your vehicle is fully stopped in the middle of the road and is unable to proceed under its own power. In short, only use your hazard lights when you’re in a *real* emergency.

Hazard lights: When not to use them

In case of bad weather, there are no existing provisions for using your hazard lights when driving through inclement weather like fog and rain that obscures normal visibility; using your headlights would be a better alternative. If that isn’t enough, you can switch on your auxiliary lights such as fog lamps.

Using hazards in low visibility situations will only confuse other motorists, because it will be difficult for them to tell whether you're about to make a turn or not since you can't use your turn signals with the hazards engaged. We suggest that you use your signal lights, pull over to the curb, park in a safe spot and wait for the weather to clear up. Besides, if visibility is particularly bad anyway, the you shouldn't be venturing out in the first place. 

Parking illegally

Flashing hazard lights in a no loading zone or if you are used to be the go-to move of certain drivers who would stop at random areas to park or wait, and it's been done so often to the point of being a cliché. It can be infuriating for other motorists whose lane is obstructed.

Hazard lights are not supposed to be used to mark a certain spot as your territory where you can park as you please; if anything, using them for that purpose just tells other drivers that you lack etiquette and manners. Just find a proper spot to stop and park; that way, you won't need to obstruct anyone else, whether vehicular or pedestrian traffic. .

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