Lane departure warning

This feature took off from the adaptive cruise control concept. Lane departure warning systems work by recognizing whether or not the vehicle stays in its lane. This would prevent future collision.

It may give you a visual warning, an audio warning or may even automatically drive the car back to its lane.

Automatic brakes and collision avoidance

The same way as adaptive cruise control, this complex system also uses forward-facing sensors. Forward collision warning system monitors a vehicle's speed, the speed of a vehicle in front of it, and the distance between the vehicles, to provide a warning to the driver if the vehicles get too close so as to avoid a crash.

Adaptive cruise control

The concept of Adaptive Cruise Control is that it’s supposed to prevent collisions caused by high-speed driving. This system is made up of sensors and cameras which makes it possible to stop or slow down your vehicle.

So, if another vehicle cuts you off, for example, your vehicle will detect it. The adaptive cruise control system will be able to recognize this as an obstruction.

It will then slow down or stop the car if it has to. Judging from that, one can easily tell that this is definitely a life-saving technology. 

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