Bad driving habits that may be secretly killing your car

AH Amore! Feelings come and go, but you won’t wake up and hear your car say it doesn’t love you anymore. You can now believe in ‘Forever,’ however, that forever may be short-lived if you aren’t mindful about your driving habits which can actually harm your car.

 As the love month rolls in, it’s also time to evaluate how you’ve been the good car owner these past few months. Here are ways that you could be killing your relationship with your car.


  1. You are an aggressive driver. In any relationship, there are things you cannot control like traffic, extreme weather, or rough roads; and there are also things you can control like how you drive under these circumstances. Remember to observe the speed limit and avoid quick stop-and-go driving, and limit driving in severe weather or road conditions. Remember to be smart it’ll save you gas and the life of your car.
  2. You put on more weight. Anything in excess can kill. Marie Kondo your way to cleaning and maintaining the upkeep of your car. Don’t overstuff and remember to just bring the items you will need and see how this minimalist approach can spark joy to your driving.
  3. You rarely change the fluid. The life blood of your car is its fluid. Failing to check them regularly may cause your engine to break down faster because of the tear and wear of its parts.
  4. You neglect your tires. Properly inflated tires contribute to safety, fuel economy, and optimum performance of your vehicle. regularly for inflation and tread depth and replace them if needed
  5. You ignore the signs. Signal lights on your dashboard are there for a reason. These are already warning signs which means you shouldn’t ignore. An illuminated check engine light alerts you of an engine trouble which can affect the health of your car. Don’t ignore also creaky or clunking noises as these signs and symptoms might mean you need to have your car serviced and avoid costly repairs in the future.
  6. You don’t follow a service schedule. We all have monthly checkups to the doctor, why not do that for your car’s health as well. A routine service checkup is a preventive maintenance to keep your car in shape and help it run efficiently when you need it.
  7. You never clean up. leads to build up and increases damage to exterior and even to parts of your car from chemicals, dust, and road particles. These will not only clog and erode certain parts of your car, but also can lead to faster wear of some parts and shorter life span.


If you want to see your investment long, the little things add up and go a long way. Keeping a routine maintenance for your vehicle adds to its safety, performance, and value. Remember love is made visible so go put in the work and see this relationship go on for miles.


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