Seven Easy Steps to Get that Car Show-Worthy Ride

Whether you’re driving an old Lancer or the newest SUV model, a clean ride always wins. Aside from adding to your car’s aesthetics, it ups its resale value, prevents wear and tear, and it feels nice to be seen inside or even beside a good-looking car whether it’s vintage or not.

Here are top tips to give your car that showroom shine.

1  Wash your car. Washing ensures that any dirt and loose debris is removed from the vehicle.  Rinse it down first to loosen large debris. Now you may use a car shampoo and not liquid detergents or dish cleaners to clean the exteriors. Be thorough and let it dry completely.

Use: Blade Car Shampoo

2  Clean the doorjambs. Those indoor panels collect dirt. Make sure to wash it and dry as well.

Use: Mothers, Microtex, Turtle Wax,  Instant detailer

3  Prepare the surface. Once the car is clean and dry, you can now spot deep-seated blemishes in the paint. Use a clay bar to remove these spots. the clay pulls up the dirt and shaves if off. Flatten and fold the clay after each cleaning to expose a clean surface while you use it

Tip: Be careful not to drop the clay because it will instantly pick up dirt which can scratch the car.

Use: Mothers Clay bar

4  Apply wax. Once you finish prepping the surface with the clay bar, it’s time to re-wax. Clay removes not only dirt but also the wax. It’s time to wax and polish to smoothen, clarify, and clean the exterior. Use a microfiber applicator when using wax and be careful to use light pressure. You can also use electric polishers to give it a thorough polish.

Use: Mothers Wax, Goodyear Polisher, Turtle Wax, Armor All

5  Treat the trim. Car trim oxidizes, stains, and get brittle over time because it’s made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic. Restore it using a trim cleaner.

Use: Mothers Back to Black

6   Polish the headlights. Don’t forget to polish the headlights as well. Headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic. It oxidizes and fogs over time which make the light beams hazy. Cleaning it will give you better lighting and enhances the overall look of your vehicle.

Before applying polish, be sure it’s washed, rinsed, and dried thoroughly. Use the sanding kit you bought and follow directions on the packet. Tape off the sides with painter’s tape to block the headlight and protect the paint around it. Wet the sandpaper and sand away. Make sure the paper and lens stay wet because you don’t want to scratch the lens. Keep a water hose or spray bottle while doing this step.

Dry headlights. Then use polishing compound. Rub polish using a microfiber towel.

Use: Meguair's Turtle Wax, Mothers Polishing Compound

7  Wax the wheels. Your cleaning won’t be complete if you leave out your tires. Restore its shine and black color using a tire wax. The wax provides a layer of protective coating and barrier from deterrents.

Use: Blade Tire Black

          Mothers Back to Black


If you follow these steps, you will see a big improvement in your car’s performance and look. Now, you can be confident to take those wheels out for a drive.

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