Best Car Scents for Every Personality: Compliment your ride with pleasant car scents

THERE’S you now. Now that you’ve started working on your New Year’s resolutions of keeping your ride clean, continue the good deed and try adding a car freshener to keep it clean and smelling fresh—maybe at least a month.

But eventually life happens, and your car will lose that new factory scent and food, drinks, kids, dogs, gym socks, pollution, and smoke will take over and

You wouldn’t want a bad smell confined in such small space such as your car. Time to shop around for the best car air freshener, maybe that should motivate you to stick to a cleaning schedule.

There are a variety of options to choose from, from vent clips to practical hanging ones, there’s sure to be a scent to match your olfactory preference. We list down the best perfect fragrance that will suit your driving activities.


Fragrance: Lemon

Scent profile: Nothing screams, “Clean!” than a scent. Lemon is the go-to scent to help neutralize odors as strong as a dog smells. It leaves a clean, refreshing and welcoming scent. It also improves alertness while on the road and sniffing it can relieve stress.

Driver personality: The minimalist


Fragrance: Orange

Scent profile: It’s a warm and inviting scent. Like other scents this one is good at removing odors. It’s also a preventive measure against any foul smells. Unlike sterile clean scent, this one is summery and refreshing.

Driver personality: The Creative


Fragrance: Squash/Mountain spring


Scent profile: It’s nature in a bottle. Green, fresh, and crisp mountain scent, while squash gives that clean laundry detergent scent.  It’s a good odor neutralizer and reduces odors over time. Masks every foul smell such as sweat, dogs, and food smells.

Driver personality: The Sporty


Fragrance: Ocean breeze

Scent profile: Evokes memories of coastal summers. Fresh, crisp, with notes of mineral salt. A good odor eliminator and keeps your car interior smelling fresh and clean longer.

Driver personality: The Easy-going and adventurous


Fragrance: Lavender

Scent profile: It’s a clean and calming scent. It adds a sense of aromatherapy and sniffing it just puts you in a state. It masks odor and reduces foul smells over time.

Driver personality: The Eco-conscious


Fragrance: Bubblegum/sweet/fruity

Scent profile: Fun and fruity. Sweet notes, that’s not too overpowering and can certainly mask foul smells.

Driver personality: The Fun and Carefree


Fragrance:  New Car Scent

Scent profile: Takes you back to the day you first had your car. The smell of new leather, clean seats, and carpet smell tells you that every nook and crevice are brand new. Subtle notes and lasts a long time.

Driver personality: The Overachiever


Fragrance: Floral

Scent profile: Light floral scent that’s pleasant. It’s effective in masking the odor and boosting your mood.

Driver personality: The Romantic


Aside from dialing up the factor of your ride, it boosts your mood and it’s relaxing once you inhale the scented air. One rule to remember when choosing air fresheners is that it must be a scent that you and your passengers will enjoy and not too heady to make you nauseous.

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