Top 5 cars for offroading

People usually say that they like pushing themselves to the limit. They like it because it challenges them and it makes them grow. As such, more and more people are becoming adventure seekers. They live for the thrill of that the different adventures give them. One of the things that people are a fan of now is offroading. This is especially true because the Philippines is home to some of the best offroading places.

They say that people who usually enjoy offroading really spend a lot on it. They even go to the extent of buying cars specifically for it because it requires a different type of vehicle that is easy to maneuver or can withstand different types of terrain. However, if you’re new to the offroading scene and don’t know what car to get, then use the list we compiled below as your reference.


Land Rover Discovery

If you’re looking at getting a premium car that’s also heavy duty, then you should get the Land Rover Discovery. Being a car made by one of the most trusted manufacturers out there, you’re sure that you’re in good hands. To top it off, the Discover also has a super lavish and sleek look that will really leave you drooling!


Mitsubishi Pajero

If you’re all about comfort, then the Pajero is fit for you. With a heavy-duty exterior that is perfect for offroading and an interior that is packed with premium features and stylish elegance, you’re a sure win with the Pajero.


Suzuki  Jimny

If you’re on the look out for an affordable option, then get the Suzuki Jimny. It costs less than a million but it is also the most practical. It’s small and it’s light so you won’t have a hard time maneuvering on the road.


Ford Ranger Raptor

If you’re a fan of the Ranger, then you’ll love the Raptor. People who own it usually say that it’s like a bigger and better version, especially those who love offroading. This is because it has a ground clearance of 11 inches so you are sure that there won’t be any obstructions on the road.


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