Carpooling: What Are the Pros and Cons?


            Traffic has always been a terrible issue in Metro Manila. Carpooling has been one of the ways to help lessen the congested traffic during rush hours. It also helps some car owners to cut-off on their car ownership expenses. When you carpool, you gather or join a group of people living in your area to take a single car towards a single destination or some several stops along the way. But before joining in, it’s important to know the pros and cons of carpooling.



Cutting down of Ownership Expenses

Of course, a practical way to save up and earn at the same time is to try carpooling. Both car owner and passenger will benefit from saving up on extra car expenses and transportation.


Promotes Less Cars on the Road

Since you will be sharing a ride or two with a group of people, this helps reduce the number of cars on the road. It maximizes the seating capacity of each vehicle which gives more space on traffic-congested areas.


More Convenient and Comfortable Commute

Since riders will be sharing a single vehicle for a ride in a private sedan or SUV, fully-airconditioned and away from the public transport of a slow MRT and jeepney ride, carpooling fully promotes convenience and comfort.


Growing Network Opportunities

Aside from the comfort and convenience carpooling brings, it also helps people develop and widen their social circle.



Not Too Flexible

Carpooling is not as flexible as others may wish it could be. It has a fixed schedule. In short, you can’t run on some errands, go for a quick stop-by a convenience store, can’t be late on the scheduled time of departure since you are all trying to buy time against the traffic.


No Privacy or Alone Time

Since you will be sharing the ride with others, it is respectful to talk to them and ask them how their morning was or how their day went. If you are an introvert type and likes to take time alone with your mind and yourself, this might not be recommended.


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