Christmas Party Theme Ideas to Try This Season

Well, what you know it’s Christmas already. One day you’re eating Halloween candy, the next thing you know the lords are leaping and the geese a-laying. You probably haven’t even bought your presents yet, because you’ve been busy organizing that Christmas party. Still don’t have an idea what party theme to throw? Here are some epic festive themes to get the yule ball rolling.

 1.The One with the FRIENDS Christmas Throwback

This throwback to the ‘90s will sure be a hit for all the fans of the television series. Aside from all the jokes which are still funny even after having watched it for the nth time, each episode is fun to unwrap. What’s even more enjoyable is to throw one as a get together with your Friends. Cook up Monica’s lasagna (throw in fancy jewelry for your guests to find) and Rachel’s trifle (let’s just hope it doesn’t taste like feet). Be sure to set up the buffet table with lots of cups and ice. Of course, coffee must be bottomless and served in deep large bowl-like cups. Serve Phoebe’s cookies and have Gunther at the bar. For games, set up the tree using Naked Guy’s large Christmas balls and a cheesecake eating contest on the floor.  Set up your couch and dress your door purple to greet the guests. Entertain with what else—a marathon of all the FRIENDS episodes and don’t forget to play The Rembrandt’s I’ll Be There For You in the background, too. For giveaways, give out Joey and Chandler’s gas station finds like toilet seat covers, Car Air Fresheners, and Wiper Blades. And most of all don’t forget Ross’ Holiday Armadillo.

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 2. Upside Down Christmas

Bring the Upside Down to your party with a Stranger Things theme. The binge-worthy online stream series has lots of epic holiday references not just for Halloween, but also for Christmas. Decorate the area with Joyce’s multi-colored lights and set up a photo booth with an painted alphabet background for your guests to have their photo taken with. Decorate with a hole in the wall or a Demogorgon centerpiece at the food and refreshment table. Snap your guests’ photos with a Pentax or a Polaroid camera. Have your guests dress up in their favorite Stranger Thing’s characters and serve Eleven’s favorite Eggos using waffle-themed treats, Hopper’s doughnuts, sodas in cans, and Steve’s finger-lickin’ good chicken. Have them play Dungeons and Dragons or Dig Dug on the family computer and play piñata using a spiked bat. Put on tunes from the ‘80s like The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go. Give head bandanas and biker packs to take home. Then raffle off a bike as the grand prize for the night.

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 3. #Single Bells or Eat, Drink, and Wear Ugly

Christmas is the happiest and the loneliest especially for singles. Hold a singles party or to spice things up try a ‘Hugot’-themed party that everyone can exactly relate to. To go with the theme, have everyone wear the ugliest Christmas sweater or the ugliest outfit. Decorate the party with your favorite ‘hugot’ lines and hashtags or make a photo booth with hashtag props. Play Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ on loop and while you hand out complimentary drinks to get the ball rolling.

For the exchange gifts, try the White Elephant with an added twist by adding a theme like a worst present exchange gift that an ex or pseudo ex gave you that you want to throw out. For the white elephant, same rules apply. You can add rules to how many times a gift can be stolen or swapped, or by creating themed gifts. Whatever you come up with, the idea is to have fun and see who gets the worst gift and capture all those faces they make when they unwrapped their gifts. Serve up some cocktails a-plenty—to drown out all those heartbreak stories, canapes, and put on merry or Christmas heartbreaker tunes. For the grand finale hold the Ugliest Outfit contest. Now, you don’t have to think or buy a fancy outfit for the party, and with all those hugot lines going around, it’s sure going to be a memorable and merry party indeed.

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4.Have Yourself a Karaoke Christmas

It won’t be Christmas without a karaoke machine or a Magic Plus. Pinoys have an affinity for music and it’s one of those times we can show off our vocal chops. It’s entertainment and games in one package. Decorate the venue in festive garb. Get your colleagues or friends for a throwdown ala I Can See Your Voice or sing OPM carols like ‘Pasko Na Sinta Ko’. No one will be able to tell the difference just serve your favorite craft beer or cocktails and Filipino potluck food from puto bumbong, bibingka, and the staple lechon. Break out the bling, glitter,  and sparkle if you’re going for a diva-tastic karaoke night.  

5. A Movie Marathon Christmas

It’s the perfect laid-back party for the gang. Just prepare your favorite Christmas movie staples from the millennial sequels like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars and Avengers, or classics like The Sound of Music, Love Actually, or Home Alone for kids and the wives. Put up a projector and set up some bean bags for comfortable seating or breakout those bucket seats you haven’t installed.  Bonus points if you can set up an outdoor venue and spread picnic blankets. Serve movie treats like popcorn, chips, tacos, and fries with your favorite beverages. Give away movie-themed gifts as souvenirs.

There are lots of Christmas ideas you can toss around, but whatever theme you go with, make sure you enjoy the party and have a Happy ‘Christmas Eve’ eve!