How to Accessorize your ride this Christmas

Christmas has always been the longest season to celebrate here in the Philippines. From one block to another, Christmas parties are literally just everywhere! With tons of reunions from all your family members, from your high school to college barkadas, it’s impossible to never get an invite from one of your family or friends. But aside from dressing up this holiday season, it’s also something if you add up a spice to your ride that will surely leave an impression. In fact, pimping you car can also be a great way to welcome the new year. After all, it’s such a great feeling of stepping inside your car when it looks and feels fresh and new, don’t you agree?

So to get your car ‘party-ready’, we’ve compiled a list of products you’ll need. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to get all of them. You can just cherry-pick based on your preferences! But always make sure that the most simple issue is addressed – it should look and smell clean!



Turtle Wax Renew Color Back Finish Restorer T-270 473ml, Php 509.75, Available at

Start off by dusting your car off and waxing it to renew it’s color and posh. After all, having a car that simply sparkles is a great way to make it feel super new. And who doesn’t want their cars to always look fresh, right?


Change that Steering Wheel Cover

Blade Steering Wheel 5325(Red), Php 999.75, Available at

Add or change your steering wheel cover with Blade’s Red 5325 fitting for a warm Christmas vibe. If you ain’t feeling the red and black color though, you can choose other colors. In fact, there are tons of variants that are available on the website!


 Freshen up with New Seat Covers


Sparco Seat Cover SPC1013 (Red/Black), Php 2,999.75, Available at

Nothing goes wrong with new seat covers that will surely make family and friends comfortable riding on while moving on from one party to another. But more than comfort, don’t you agree that it also looks super nice to change the seat covers since it gives off the dope vibe that you simply can’t get from other accessories?


 It’s All in the Lights

Blade LED Headlight H11, Php 2,999. Available at

If you’re heading to that Christmas get-together, then better change your headlights! It’s the perfect way to strike your friends and leave an impression since it has Super Bright technology for that perfect beam pattern spread that’s soft on road. Cool, right?


Bass Up!

JBL Stage 1010 10" (250mm) High-Performance Car Subwoofer, Php 2,999, Available at


It isn’t called Christmas if you don’t get to play your classic favorite Christmas songs. From old school hits to new ones that are sung by the most popular artists today, amplify your music experience by installing this awesome JBL Stage subwoofer.


Turn On: Sweet Scent

Chupa Chups CHP103 Air Freshener 5mL(Strawberry), Php 199.75, Available at

Furnish off your dope car with an amazing Chupa Chups CHP103 Air Freshener 5mL in Strawberry that will leave you smelling and feeling great just in time to make that sweet impression on your crush!  


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