You know how hard it is to clean the inside of your car especially if you drive a lot for work or have kids and pets. Often times we tend not to prioritize cleaning our cars due to our busy schedules. Having a clean car is like having a clean home or bedroom too. Yes, it’s true. Especially now that health concerns have been challenged due to the epidemic virus called COVID-A9, it’s time that we should be more concerned to health and cleanliness.


Here’s a list to help you maintain the cleanliness of the inside of your car:


Take the trashes out

Tissues, receipts, food, and candy wrappers could be lurking in the corners of your car and backseat. Clear them out before getting a vacuum cleaner to dust off. Make sure to check even the corners of your car.


Clean the Floor Mats

After taking out unnecessary things inside your car, take out the floor mats too. Dust them off, wet and soap them with car shampoo. Better to take this opportunity and check if your floor mats need to be replaced with new, fresher ones.


Start to Vacuum

Now’s the time to vacuum the seats, the floor, and if necessary, the trunk. Vacuum each area of the vehicle making sure that no dust particles are left in it. Do this regularly to avoid getting sick.


Wipe with the Rug

After completing the vacuum task, wipe all the dirt with the use of a rug. From the steering wheel, to the knob, cup holders up to the windows. Use a car cleaner for it to be disinfected; making sure the dust is soaped and wiped off. Superb-clean.


Freshen Up

After a thorough dusting off, cleaning, and washing, it’s time to freshen up. There are varieties of car scents that you can choose from and are available from Blade.PH! Choose the one that matches your personality.


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