Don’t Break Up with Your Car, Update It

This week let's talk about LOVE. Yes, for this week, it will be all about how to score pogi points by giving that extra TLC for the one: your car.

We, Pinoys are romantics and become easily infatuated with the idea of love and falling in love. But we also have a fondness for anything with wheels. We hold on to our cars not just as a status quo symbol, but because cars provide comfort getting from point A to B, especially these times.
1. Schedule a regular tune-up. Keep your car running at the optimal level through regular car maintenance. A well-maintained car improves fuel economy and emits the lowest level of
2. Give it a spa day. Give it a general cleaning. Give it a quick clean by vacuuming the interiors.Polish, spray, and wipe with especially made formulas that are dedicated to give you world-class results. Give those rubber mats a good scrub and wash, too.The best way to give your car a wash is by hand. All you need is a car shampoo, water, and a mitt to keep it a proper clean from top to bottom. Nothing says sexy more than a sparkling car that can withstand all weather conditions.
3. Change oil. Periodic oil and filter changes keep the engine running smoothly and clean on the inside. This simple step removes particles and dirt and restores your gas mileage. Adding more years to your relationship with your car.
4. Check tires and alignment. Make sure to make a monthly tire pressure check, including the spare. Well-maintained tires affect its ride, handling, traction, and safety. Inspect tires have proper tread, air pressure, and alignment to reduce tire wear.
5. Groom those wipers and headlights. Your wipers and headlights play a major role in safe driving. Keep your vision crystal clear by scrubbing those lights and treat your car to a new set of wipers, if needed.
6. Gift it with love. Splurge on your car. Keep it fresh with a car fragrance. Buy that new seat cover  or better yet upgrade with the latest car audio or multimedia entertainment so you can play your favorite tunes or movies while driving.
Your car would never tire out on you, so don’t stop taking care of it. Our car is always there for us and it also needs a little extra care in the form of oil change, tune-up, and basic car maintenance this season. Don’t let it lose control, because it can breakdown and give you a heartache. Keep your car looking new and sexy with simple tweaks. Don’t get tempted to replace it with a flashy new car, when all
your car need is a little attention. After all relationships need work.
Don’t break up with your car, update and upgrade with better car care and car accessories. Ask us about especially made products that will protect your paint job like products from Meguiars, Mothers, Blade, and MicroMagic. For car audio and entertainment, Blade carries premium brands like Pioneer, and Sony. It’s Blade! It’s Better!