Going out on your daily drive and noticed something was off? Weird shakes, bumps, noises and faulty air-con – what the heck is going on with my car? Like us, our automotive partner may sometimes experience little hiccups and need a bit of a health check and some extra attention to get back on track. Fret not, here are some common car problems and solutions.


The problem: Engine doesn’t start?

What is it: Your car either takes a long time to start despite numerous tries, or the car simply won’t start at all.

The Fix: There are numeral reasons of which can cause a car engine not to start, the most common, of course, being a dead battery. Pay special attention to the noise it makes when you turn the key. Is the car completely silent? If so, there may be a problem with your battery terminal cable connections. Does your car crank over but not start? Then it may be your spark plugs or fuel supply to your engine. In any case, if you’re out on the road, try jumpstarting your car then investigating the cause further when you’re safely back at home.


The problem: Uneven tire wear

What is it: It may not be obvious when driving that your car’s tires are unequally worn, but worn tires can be hazardous due to their reduced grip on the road especially the type of broken roads our country has to offer? A quick check will tell you if your tires are worn unevenly. The easiest way is to jack up your car and inspect each tire individually, taking note whether there are any bald spots on the inside or outside of the tire, or whether there are any dips and dents in the tire tread. Thoroughly inspect and check every side.

The Fix: Take the time of in rotating your tires and having your wheels aligned regularly. In terms of how often you should get your tires rotated, it’s different for every vehicle and type of tire, but having them rotated at every oil change is a good rule of thumb. Check with the tyre manufacturer for a more specific time frame.


The problem: Air conditioner not working.

What is it: Your air condition will switch on, but you notice it’s just blowing room-temperature air around rather than cold air.

The Fix: The most probable cause of this is that there is no refrigerant left in your unit. This could be caused by a leak in your system somewhere, which will have to be fixed before refilling the refrigerant. Best to have it checked by a mechanic.


The problem: Noisy brakes.

What is it: You’ll know it when you hear it!

The Fix: There could be several reasons for noisy brakes. It could be that your brake pads are loose, worn out, or you may have brake dust inside the drum. If you can’t see anything wrong with your brake pads, and you suspect it may be brake dust, it may be best to leave this to a professional.


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