Car scratches can really be so stressful to see especially if you’re a first time car owner. You hate seeing those tiny scratches on your beloved car. These car scratches are caused by reasons such as poor parking, car accident, and/or vandalism. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that you really don’t want to see the eyesore of a scratch there.  Worry not, for we prepared some easy steps to remove those awful scratches from your car.



Check on the level of scratch that is on the surface of your car whether it’s deep or not. You can do it by running a finger over the scratch. If you notice that the scratch is deeper, then it’s time to use a professional scratch remover. However, If it isn’t too deep, then read on!


Wash and Dry the Scratched Area

Make sure that the area is clean before applying anything on the scratches. Wash it with a car solutions that you can buy at blade.ph! Afterwards, dry the car.


Try on a Toothpaste

After washing and drying your car, apply on a small amount of toothpaste in the affected area. Make sure that you do it with a damp microfiber cloth so it doesn’t cause more damage. Toothpaste is useful in removing scratches as it has natural abrasive components to help erase minor scratches on your car’s paint.


Apply it in a Circular Motion

Apply the toothpaste on a circular motion. Rinse the excess toothpaste and apply it again. As advised, you may repeat this steps twice and examine for improved results.


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