Five annoying things you can relate to if you have a car

Having a car is usually a pleasant experience. It’s a good way to save on costs and to do errands without any hassle. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have any bad car memories, right? Here we list down some of the worst things you might have experienced if you own a car.


People stealing your parking space

Imagine waiting patiently at the mall’s parking lot for someone to leave. Then when someone does, someone else grabs that parking space. And since you don’t want to ruin your day any further you just wait for someone else to leave. What a hassle!


When you just got a car wash then it rains

So you just got a car wash. You’ve been flaunting your car since morning because it looks good as new. Then, it rains and mud goes everywhere. Then you just simply suck it all up cause really you can’t do anything about it, right?


When PUVs unload passengers in the middle of the road

Ever experienced having to immediately hit your break because a PUV just unloaded passengers in the middle of the road? It’s an uncomfortable experience but it happens.


When pedestrians jaywalk

Have you ever experienced driving on EDSA then a pedestrian crosses even with an overpass right above him? What a very dangerous sight. So always make sure that you’re on the look out for pedestrians.


When other driver s counterflow

Cars that counterflow is like unnecessary stress. They might be running late, but so are you, right?


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