Five Must Haves For Every Motorcycle Rider

The Philippines is a country overflowing with motorists. There is not even a single second where you wouldn’t see a motorcycle in the street. For those who love their motorcycle, nothing hits a beautiful day and an open road. But with so many activities, even the joy of a simple road trip can be improved with just the right amount of tech and gadget. Here’s our pick for the five gadgets every biker dude or lady should have with them on their next ride.



Before starting out your road trip, better keep in mind that safety comes first! But that doesn’t mean you should buy that heavy duty helmet that would make you look out of fashion! There are a lot of selection of cool and fashionable biker helmets!



Now this equipment comes very handy and is a must for every motorist. Easily navigate your way through the streets while keeping your handy mobile device in-tact and safe!




Some rides are just about getting from point A to point B. While others are about finding new roads and as simple as riding out with friends. Nothing beats the ability to capture a visual record of the more memorable moments. That’s where action cameras come in. Aside from capturing moments, this may very well help you in cases of accidents as you have direct proof of what happened during your ride! For a list of action / dash cameras, click on the link




Now, it’s not just fashion. But these gloves actually help you from reducing the chances of accidents. It helps motorists in properly grasping and driving. There are a lot of types of gloves for riders and it will all boil down to which one is the most comfortable one for you



You’d never know what could go wrong for every ride you have. There will be instances where you would have problems with your motorcycle’s battery. The portable battery charger is a big must for you especially for long rides. A lot of battery chargers have been specially designed to provide safe and easy charging and maintenance for vehicles. It is a practical equipment and very simple to use with an easy to understand display.