Basic Car Checks Before Going Out

Out of town trips with family and friends are indeed very exciting. From swimsuits to sunscreens, packed foods to toiletries, everything is listed and ready while not a thing should be missed before leaving. But when travelling with your car, it’s important to also do a thorough check to keep your ride on the road to spot any problems before they lead to a bad situation—a breakdown, in short. Here are simple maintenance checks that are essential and can work wonders.



Take the opportunity to fuel your tank especially if you’re driving to an unfamiliar place. Don’t wait for your fuel light to come on, make the initiative. Afterall, since you aren’t familiar with the area, you won’t know where you’ll see a gas station there.



Make sure to clean all your exterior lights and check for damaged or blown bulbs and cracks in the lenses. This way, you’re sure that you can see even through the night.


Battery and Engine

Before it lets you down, check if your battery is going a bit old and tired so you may replace it with a new car battery. Also for the engine, check the leaks and sound that indicate a problem in it. If you hear unusual noises like pinging, tapping, or knocking, better have a mechanic check on it.



Ensure that your brake system is properly working and aren’t weak before you hit off the road. This is super important because brakes are crucial even when you’re just driving in the city – what more if you’re driving out-of-town, right?



You wouldn’t want to experience you car overheating on the road, right? A simple check of water in the radiator will save you from this type of nightmare. After all, seeing smoke coming out of your car isn’t a pretty sight.



Don’t miss out on checking your tyres too! Damaged tyres and wheels are one of the breakdown causes so you may want to check on the tyre pressure of your car before leaving.


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