How to clean your car’s aircon

Here in the Philippines, the weather is usually very hot. As such, if you drive a car, chances are you always turn on the aircon. But like all things, the continuous use of your aircon should also mean you need to clean it regularly to make sure that it will last for a long time. However, if you’re new to owning a car and don’t know how to clean the aircon, then try these tips!


Dismantle your aircon

First things first, take your aircon apart in order to clean the interior. However, make sure that you keep all the parts in a safe place. Don’t loose any of them or you might have an avoidable problem in your hands!


Get rid of debris

 Flush away sediments, particles and the like to ensure that your car will run smoothly. Try using an aerosol conditioner to make sure all the debris really get removed.


Inspect the ducts

Check your ducts if there are any holes. If there isn’t one, then proceed to step 4. However, if there are holes, try fixing them with duct tape.


Check the accumulator

If your car’s accumulator is dirty, you’ll need to replace it. However, keep in mind that when you buy an accumulator, you need to match it to the model of your car since it has specifications that might not be compatible with your car. 


Seek the professional

If you don’t have the leisure of time, you can simply seek a professional’s help in cleaning up your vehicle’s aircon. This way, it will surely be cleaned properly.


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