The secrets to properly remove car emblems

Car emblems have always been one of the ways to pimp your car which gives us that satisfying and fulfilling feeling. Some are even addicted to it and changes their setup every now and then. Others go for the extra mile of even changing their car color every so often when they get bored from it.

Car emblems sometimes may ruin the look of your car if it doesn’t match the look you initially imagined and designed with. As such, some people usually remove it with haste which ends up as a ruined part of your car. Here are some tricks you may want to consider:



You would be surprise with what a simple dental floss can do to help your partner vehicle look cool. Yes, you read that right. Simply insert it in between the emblem and your car. Then, slowly and neatly do a sawing or a flossing motion to remove the emblem.



If you have a heat gun stored up in your storage, it is one tool that would definitely help you in removing that undesired emblem. Simply heat the emblem and the area close to it until it’s warm. Make sure to have proper in using a heat gun to refrain from having unexpected lumps from your paint or any parts.



Grab a cloth and a solvent, and then wipe away any residue that’s left. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth in doing so.


After using solvent, make sure to clean your car thoroughly:

Wash your car and clean with a car shampoo and microfiber towel to make sure that it will go back to its polished look and to remove the unnecessary residue left.



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